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Instrumentation complex purpose

TKPF269 system is designed for digital imaging of high-speed processes accompanied by light emission.

Приборный комплекс ТКПФ269

TKPF269 system is based on digital high-speed rotating-mirror streak-camera. Information is recorded on CMOS-sensor arrays. The sensitive area length is 177 mm, so continuous process recording during 415 µs at the mirror rotating velocity of 7 500 rpm is provided, and at the maximum rotating velocity of 75 000 rpm the duration of continuous recording is not less than 40 µs.

TKPF269.01.000 digital camera can be supplied separately. It can be used with any digital high-speed rotating-mirror-type streak camera instead of a film without any redesign. TKPF269 system configuration includes a small-size control unit that enables to adjust mirror rotating velocity and generates signals to start various devices. Control unit and the system as a whole can be controlled via a computer.

Software package provides capability of graphic processing of images and mathematical processing of a recorded process.

TKPF269 status is special-purpose instrumentation

Приборный комплекс ТКПФ269

Basic technical characteristics

  • TKPF269.01.000 digital camera photosensitive area: L 177 × H 40 mm;
  • Time interval measurement error is not more than 50 ns for mirror rotating velocity of 37 500-60 000 rpm; and not more than 70 ns for mirror rotating velocity of 15 000-22 500 rpm;
  • Optical radiation recording range: 400 to 800 nm;
  • TKPF269 time resolution: 3.8 ns for mirror rotating velocity of 75 000 rpm;

Identification Name Q-ty Purpose
SKPF254.02.000 Information conversion device 1 Converts electric signals coming via two independent channels, and generates simultaneous and delayed electric signals
TKPF269.01.000 Digital camera 1 Digital imaging
TKPF269.02.000 Generator of laser pulses 1 Generates time stamps on the sensitive surface of digital camera
RMBU1014 Control unit 1 Power supply and control of high-speed rotating-mirror-type cameras
IMT5.00.150 High-speed rotating mirror camera 1
Software 1 Equipment preparation for measurements, measuring process control, acquisition, storage and processing of data recorded
Test bench Adjustment and check of TKPF269 system functioning