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Dukhov Automatics Research Institute (VNIIA) is the leading
enterprise of the
State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM

In 1964 the Institute
was named after
Nikolay Leonidovich Dukhov

Tightly knit team of
professionals that fulfills
its obligations to Russia
at the highest level

Maintain and develop
high technologies

Provide production support
during its entire life cycle

Maximum utilization
of all resources of
the company

Safety of people
and environment


The Federal State Unitary Enterprise Dukhov Automatics Research Institute (VNIIA) founded in 1954 is one of the leading research enterprises of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM.

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2014 nominated VNIIA with a special status of Federal Nuclear Organization (FNO).

In 1964 the Institute was named after its first leader - Nikolay Dukhov, thrice Hero of the Socialist Labor, correspondent-member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Lieutenant-General of Corps of Engineers.

Директор - С.Ю. Лопарев

Nikolay Leonidovich Dukhov

the first director, chief designer, and research manager of VNIIA, correspondent-member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

Currently VNIIA develops a number of large, comprehensive scientific and technical areas, having become in each of the areas a nation-wide leading organization.

All of these areas include research, design, engineering, and production units that carry out research, development, experimental efforts and testing of prototypes, production and supply of serial products to customers, and manufacturer's maintenance of products in the operation

Unique scientific results of long-term systematic research in every science and technology area formed the foundation for more than 200 theses prepared by the employees of the Institute.

Structural integration of the units that develop and manufacture technologically similar products, as well as recent merger of VNIIA and three large enterprises of Rosatom allowed several research and production centers to be established at the Institute that are located on five production sites in Moscow and in the Moscow region. Products, developed and serially produced at the Institute, have properties that are typically superior to the best domestic and foreign analogues, and provide unmatched reliability. The quality system being in force at the Institute since 1978 has been significantly upgraded based on the developed complexes of related standards regulating the functions of the units in all areas of activity. The Institute won more than once prestigious awards for the quality-related efforts, including the Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation.

We are sure that our motto «Our success is in our traditions» reflects our philosophy based on flexible response to the challenges of time and aspiration to accomplish missions for the Fatherland in the most conscientious manner and satisfy customers expectations.