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The Institute develops and manufactures advanced digital seismic systems to equip monitoring stations of the National nuclear test monitoring system, stations of the Geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, seismic stations of regional and local networks, as well as seismic teams.


  • seismometers are installed either in the instrument wells on a depth of 100 m, or on concrete pedestals;
  • frequency range of detection channels - 0.0082 ... 100 Hz;
  • intrinsic noise level is 10 dB below the model of minimum level microseismic background;
  • nonlinearity of amplitude characteristic is not more than 0.1%;
  • dynamic range of detection is at least 126 dB;
  • rated sensitivity 4х10-11 to 6х10-11 m/s;
  • error of date binding to unified time does not exceed 1 ms;
  • data transmission equipment provides robust communication at distance up to 30 km (if necessary, via retransmitter);
  • process equipment of detection stations is energized with 12±3 V DC;
  • digital seismic equipment belongs to group 1.1 according to GOST RV 20.39.304, relative to climatic design - to UHL group;
  • availability factor taking into account failures and sufficiency of spare parts is no less than 0.99;
  • MTBF is not less than 10,000 hours;
  • average service life prior to retirement is not less than 10 years.

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