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Рентгеновский хронографический электронно-оптический регистратор X-ray streak camera

Электровакуумные приборы для сцинтилляционных детекторов и электронно-оптических регистраторов Electrovacuum devices for scintillation detectors and electronic-optical detectors

The Institute develops and fabricates the equipment for detecting and measuring of fast processes for nuclear physical research and laser emission diagnostics:

  • gamma and neutron detectors of high sensitivity (up to 2·10-9 A·sm2·s/photon), high time resolution (0.5 to 10 ns), and high linear current (2 to 10 A);
  • streak cameras of 300 to 1053 nm wavelength optical range and sub-ps time resolution;
  • X-ray electronic-optical detectors for the research of X-ray plasma image in laser fusion
    • streak cameras of picosecond time resolution (3 ps) and 0.1 to 10 keV spectral detection range;
    • multiframe electronic-optical detectors with frame duration of 100 ps and the number of images equal to 10.

Unique electro-vacuum devices are developed to be used in the scintillation detectors and the fast electronic-optical detectors, such as high time resolution photoelectronic multipliers and photocells, X-ray electronic-optical converters and streak cameras. These devices have the linear current characteristic up to 10 A, large gain factor (up to 106), and high time resolution (up to 0.5 ns), so that they are applicable for detecting sub-ns processes.

The Institute has developed the equipment for various types of detection:

  • digital TV light recorders based on CCD-matrix with the number of pixels up to 2048 x 2048 used for direct recording of spatial characteristics of objects, and for reading out data from the screen of electronic-optical detectors;
  • multi-channel analog-to-digital converters of signal shape and time intervals with the sampling frequency up to 4 GHz.

Детекторы импульсного нейтронного и гамма-излучения Detectors of pulsed neutrons and gammas

Ударопрочный многоканальный регистратор Shockproof multichannel detector

Многоканальный аналого-цифровой преобразователь Multi-channel analog-to-digital converter

Цифровой телевизионный регистратор Digital TV recorder

Хронографический электронно-оптический регистратор Streak camera