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Developed vacuum photocells and photoelectron multipliers have high temporal resolution, unmatched values of the linear output current, wide range of spectral sensitivity of 300 to 800 nm:

Electrovacuum devices
  • vacuum and gas-filled neutron tubes for neutron fluxes with various pulse duration and intensity;
  • vacuum and gas-filled arresters for switching electric circuits with the voltage from hundreds of volts to tens of kilovolts.

Electrovacuum devices are used in equipment manufactured and supplied by VNIIA to various customers.

Electrovacuum devices

The Institute has a closed production and engineering cycle of electrovacuum devices based of modern production equipment for:

Electrovacuum devices
  • metal processing;
  • manufacturing vacuum-tight metal-to-ceramics and metal-to-glass components;
  • manufacturing of electrovacuum devices using chemical cleaning of components, thermal vacuum processing, vacuum deposition, thermal diffusion, laser and electron beam welding, etc.

Development and production of modern electrovacuum devices is performed by highly skilled experts (more than 100 specialties): vacuum engineers, electrophysics engineers, process engineers, workers using advanced research equipment.

Electrovacuum devices

When designing new electrovacuum devices, the Institute is constantly expanding cooperation with partners who have experience in these scientific, technical and engineering fields.