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Based on scientific, engineering and technological achievements made in the course of developing defense neutron initiation systems, VNIIA has been developing a new class of nuclear-physical and electrical-physical equipment ─ portable neutron generators and equipment since 1970-s.

Up--to-date portable neutron generators (NG) are based on nuclear fusion of deuterium-tritium or deuterium-deuterium hydrogen isotopes nuclei. Such nuclear reactions is implemented either in a miniature deuteron linear accelerator, or in a plasma focus chamber.

VNIIA is the only company is Russia and perhaps in the world that has three full-scale technologies to produce portable neutron sources in the form of sealed vacuum devices: vacuum neutron tubes, gas-filled neutron tubes, and plasma focus chambers. Neutron generators for various purposes are produced based on these neutron sources. Application of neutron generators is related to, first, possibility of remote material elemental analysis, second, direct effect on nuclear materials and some kinds of living cells.

Neutron generators and have a number of applications, such as:

  • petroleum well-logging;
  • ore deposits well-logging, including uranium;
  • elemental analysis for control of industrial processes, including metallurgy;
  • accounting and control of nuclear materials and radioactive waste;
  • inspection systems, remotely identifying unauthorized trafficking of explosives, nuclear materials and other hazardous substances;
  • research of nuclear rectors and fuel assemblies;
  • research of elemental composition of space objects;
  • therapeutic systems for cancer treatment.

VNIIA is a unique company in the world developing and producing the full range of generators for geophysical, research and counter-terrorist applications.

Over the past 25 years, VNIIA has developed several generations of neutron generators and equipment for these applications.

It is important that neutron generators by VNIIA have characteristics no worse than the best foreign analogues, and on a number of parameters are better, providing conditions for full import substitution of this class of products in the country.

More than 200 neutron generators were supplied to almost all CIS countries, as well as in Germany, Austria, the USA, China, Vietnam, Argentina, Poland, India, South Korea, Japan, Israel, the UK, Canada, and Norway.