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One of the areas of VNIIA is developing neutron generators and nuclear geophysics well-logging equipment based on them for research of petroleum wells and ore deposits.

Current global trends in the development of efficient technologies for the hydrocarbons extraction (involvement in the development of unconventional and hard-to-extract reserves, drilling of inclined and horizontal wells, drilling of sideholes from the original hole, various effects on the bed to stimulate the inflow, etc.) require using advanced means for geophysical exploration (GE) at all stages of their construction and further development of fields.

Pulsed neutron well-logging equipment

Among the numerous GE methods, unique information possibilities are available to nuclear-physical methods based on neutron and gamma radiation. These methods can give information on the well in open hole during drilling and construction of wells, and in cased wells during development of field.

For well-logging of oil and gas fields, there are more than 15 types of neutron generators and 8 types of logging equipment based on neutron generators. Geophysical organizations of petroleum industry have received more than 3,000 neutron generators and more than 200 sets of well-logging equipment over the past 20 years.

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