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Automated production control system
"Prisma" developed by VNIIA

Discrete Manufacturing Execution System Prisma

Description of functional characteristics of software

The system is designed for production complex with multiproduct single or small-batch production considering to the following features of manufacture:

  • manufacturing with cost accounting per request and cost detailing per planned tasks;
  • different arrangement of manufacturing (basic, instrumental, non-standard equipment);
  • different cycle times for manufacturing final products;
  • multiple production sites;
  • combining all product life cycle phases within one enterprise;
  • unified production base for making models, prototypes and small batch-products, as well as warranty and post-warranty repair;
  • simultaneous use of different principles in arrangement of work: production to order, assembly to order and production for the shelf;
  • combination of CNC machines with universal equipment in machine shops;
  • large number of changes in production plan and compositions of products during manufacture.

Missions fulfilled by "Prisma":

  • Prospective short-term and volume-scheduling of production at all levels, taking into account financial and budgetary calculations;
  • Logistics of production process;
  • Schedule management of production process engineering;
  • Automatic development and circulation of planning and production documents;
  • Control over implementation of plans and operative management of production;
  • Monitoring of manufacturing status on CNC machines;
  • Compilation of production reports (on products and scope);
  • Accounting of manufacturing products (including semi-finished) prior to transfer to warehouse;
  • Statistical processing of data describing the production activity, to improve production processes.

Information needed for installation and operation of software

User PC

CPU:Pentium 4 (or higher)
RAM::1 GB (or more)
Network adapter:100 Mbps (or faster))
Monitor:Min resolution 1024x768
Input devices:Keyboard, mouse
Printer:Laser printer, min. resolution 300 dpi for printing text
OS:MS Windows XP (or higher)

DB Server

DBMS:Oracle 10g SE, 10g EE, 11g SE, 11g EE
Hardware:According to Oracle Corporation requirements for the relevant version of DBMS

File server

Software and hardware specifications of file server must not be worse than those of the user PC.

Information technology. Discrete Manufacturing Execution System Prisma

Contact information

  • Aleksander Y. Antonov
    Head of IT and IS Division
    Tel.: +7 (499) 978-99-78 (ext. 63-63)
  • Ivan G. Kamenskikh
    project Manager ASUDP
    Tel.: +7 (499) 972-84-99 (ext. 19-52)