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ТЖИУ406D differential pressure transducers and of explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof version are meant for continuous converting of differential pressure of liquids and gases (ranges from 0-6,3 kPa to -02500 kPa), non-aggressive to 12Х18Н10Т steel, unified DC output signal in monitoring and control systems.

Design features

  • serially produced, explosion protection certificate received, "1ExdllVT4" explosion-proof markings are available, correspond to GOST 22782.0-81, GOST 22782.6-81, type of explosion protection and explosion-proof according to GOST 22782.6-81;
  • according to the degree of protection against dust and water - IP65 according to GOST 14254-80;
  • built-in electronic damper of measured pressure ripple;
  • overvoltage protection device;
  • capability of reconfiguring measurement limits (multi-band version);
  • ТЖИУ406 transducer type is registered in the State Register of measuring devices under # 18510-04 and is approved for use in Russia/


Range of measured pressure kPa 0-4,0...0-2500
DC output signal mA 4-20, 0-5
Maximum permissible error % ±0,15
Additional error in operating temperature range %/10°С ±0,125
Operating temperature range °C -60...+80
Life time Years 14
Warranty lifetime Years 4,5
Calibration interval years no more than 2
Weight without bracket kg no more than 8,0

Transducer power supply

Transducers are energized from a DC source.

Output signal, mA Voltage, V Load resistance, Ω

Diagram of external electrical connections of transducer

four-wire (0-5 mA) two-wire (4-20 mA)
Схема внешних электрических соединений датчика, четырехпроводная (0-5 мА) Схема внешних электрических соединений датчика, двухпроводная (4-20 мА)

Rн - load resistance (including input resistance) [Ω]; Upow - supply voltage [V]; Umin - minimum supply voltage [V]; G - power source.

Measurement range


Basic error


Range of operating ambient temperature


Additional temperature error


Output signal range


NOTES. For a transducer with several measurement ranges, after specifying the code of the measurement range put the letter "П" (tunable).

When ordering you must specify the maximum allowable operating overpressure (0 to 16.0 MPa by request; 17.0 to 25.0 MPa by agreement between the Customer and the manufacturer).

Designation of technical specification - ТЖИУ.406233.001ТУ.

When the manufacturer releases transducer with multiple measuring ranges, it is configured on the upper measurement limit selected according to the Customer's order from the values shown in the table below:

Designation of version in DD Upper measurement limits
ТЖИУ.406233.008-01 16,0; 25,0; 40,0; 63,0 0,16; 0,25; 0,40; 0,63
ТЖИУ.406233.008-02 63,0; 100,0; 160,0 0,63; 1,0; 1,6
ТЖИУ.406233.008-03 160,0; 250,0; 400,0; 630,0 1,6; 2,5; 4,0; 6,3
ТЖИУ.406233.008-04* 6,3; 10,0; 16,0 0,063; 0,1; 0,16
ТЖИУ.406233.008-06 0,63; 1,0; 1,6; 2,5 6,3; 10,0; 16,0; 25,0

*made by agreement between the Customer and the manufacturer.

Example of designation of single-band transducer for its order and in other product documentation where it can be used:

for general industrial transducer with explosion-proof version - "Differential pressure transducer, explosion-proof, with upper measurement limit of 6.3 kgf/cm2, with limit of basic reduced measurement error ± 0.5%, with operating temperature range from minus 530 to plus 70°C, with limit of tolerable additional reduced temperature measurement error ± 0.25%/10°C, with output current signal of 4 to 20 mA, is denoted as: ТЖИУ406D-1Ex-08-2-1-2-2": ТЖИУ406Д-1Ех-08-2-1-2-2"

Overall, mounting and connection dimensions

Габаритные, установочные и присоединительные размеры Габаритные, установочные и присоединительные размеры

1 - hydroblock; 2 - electronic unit; 3 - electronic unit; 4 - nut; 5 - pin; 6 - washer; 7,8,9,10 - 4 four bolts with washers and nuts

SET OF DELIVERY: transducer, passport spare parts kit, user manual (1 copy per one batch of transducers). The following can be supplied as an option: spare parts, tool kit, user manual.

ТЖИУ.406233.008RE user manual, ТЖИУ406D differential pressure transducer pdf, 3.4 Mb